Hi there!

On this website, you can play Cyvasse, a game described in A Song of Ice and Fire.

It is already working, but still misses a lot of all planned features.
If you are curious about the development, check out our Trello board.

You can contact us per mail to give us feedback about the site and the game: contact@cyvasse-online.com.


Cyvasse Online is now in Beta

All the stuff we did since the first working implementation of Michael's rule set:

  • Michael Le Page's Ruleset (version 5.0) is complete
  • Bug hunting (no more crashes during the game)
  • A Chatbox was added
  • Possible moves of a piece are shown by mouse-over
  • Match-making with random players

We'd love to get some feedback! You can use our Facebook or Google+ page, or email to let us know what you think.

Have a nice day!

We're on Facebook now

To keep it short: here you go, that's our Facebook page.

We created it to give all you Facebook users a simpler way to get in contact with us, and to receive updates.

We will be answering feedback via Facebook as via mail, and also post about new updates there.