Hi there!

This web app will allow to play Cyvasse, a game described in A Song of Ice and Fire, soon.
The side pane to the right will already let you start a match, but there are still some things to do until you can really play it.

If you are curious about the development, check out the corresponding posting in our forum and our Trello board.

If you want to contact us, write an email to contact@cyvasse-online.com.


We're on Facebook now

To keep it short: here you go, that's our Facebook page.

We created it to give all you Facebook users a simpler way to get in contact with us, and to receive updates.

We will be answering feedback via Facebook as via mail, and we will post about new updates there as well as in the forum – the first development update was published only just by the way: Click me!

Our Forum is up and running!

Today, we are proud to present: forum.cyvasse-online.com

We will create some useful categories there soon, and maybe we'll also find a theme that looks a bit better than the default one. Of course we would love to have our own theme for the long term, and if you think you could help us with that, you should seriously contact us!

For those who want to subscribe to updates about Cyvasse Online, I created the first forum topic: Development Progess